S5 Image and Content Fader
Asesores A&V: Su mejor opcion para importar a Mexico!
Tel. Mexico: (55)-41692152 / Mail: contacto@asesoresayv.com / Skype: asesores.ayv

Asesores A&V: Expertos en Importaciones

En AsesoresA&V contamos con un grupo de especialistas en importaciones. Le ofrecemos a usted los siguientes servicios:


    • Despacho Aduanal - Contamos con agentes aduanales en puertos marítimos y aeropuertos que se encargaran de realizar su importación.
    • Comercializadora - Si usted no cuenta con padrón de importadores o permisos de importación, nosotros podemos realizar la importación a través de nuestra comercializadora.
    • Transporte - Contamos con los mejores precios en envíos marítimos, aéreos y terrestres.


Expertos en Comercio Exterior! Importamos desde cajas pequeñas hasta contenedores completos. Le garantizamos los mejores precios y servicio para que su importación sea todo un éxito!

S5 Image and Content Fader

This module can be viewed at the top of this page. This specific style of the module can only be used with this template. Publish your own content into each slide transition and for multiple slide transition effects, navigation arrows and also a drop down gallery tab that allows you to select a slide via a thumbnail. This module is fully responsive as well. The S5 Image and Content Fader v3 is powered by Mootools by default but still includes the S5 Effects library and allows you to use it in a "legacy module" if you are experiencing script conflicts. Best of all it's free!

NOTE: Legacy mode will display all your images, titles and slide text but includes limited functionality thus it does not include navigation arrows or the new drop down gallery tab.

This module was designed only to work with the top_row1_1 position with this template with the module class -none applied.

Features at a glance:

  • Responsive layout compatible
  • horizontal sliding transition
  • Choose between 4 slide transitions: Fade, Contiuous Horiztonal, Fade Slide Left, Continuous Vertical
  • Specify height and width of module
  • Includes a gallery tab drop down to show all images
  • Each image slide can have its own hyperlink
  • Show up to 10 images at once
  • Publish your own content to each picture slide
  • Navigation arrows
  • Not all slides require titles
  • Change delay time
  • Hide or show: Navigation arrows, thumbnail carousel and popup text

Admin side of the module:

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